Visualization of Slack Activities in Serverworks



In this article, I introduce the activities on the Serverworks' Slack by visualization.


Serverworks uses Slack as the communication tools. Recently it's not only used as a communication tools but also used as a project management. Many messages are delivered everyday so that it's hard to grasp whole activities on slack.

The previous artilcle introduced the visualization method of the usage frequency. At this time, I shows a result of visualization.For example, how many stamp is used in 1day, what stamp is popular , etc.And also there is Characteristic in Serverworks' stamps. It is not only  standard stamps but also  so many original stamps are created by craftsmen. so it also introduce that. Table of contents is as beolw.

  1. The stamps  are used on Serverworks' slack.
  2. The number of massages on Serverworks' slack. 

About stamp of Serverworks' Slack

Custom stamp of Serverworks

In Serverworks, new original stamps are created every day by craftsmen such asTakenaga-san, Maeda-san.


There are 877 Slack's standard stamps and 422 Serverworks' original stamps at the time that I wrote this blog. Serverwoks's original stamps are created everyday.So someday near future, number of Serverworks' stamps will be more than default standard one.


The list for the stamps used in a day.

I tried to visualize how many stamps and what kind of stamps are used in a day. All of the stamps in a day is as below


The stamps for example, 219ccf0793942b86means "Thank you" or "Thx", 1990df467ff4bdfc means "Yeah!" or "Right!" are used very well. I think use like to use stamp as quick response without typing text. And also users tend to use massage stamps that business-person never should use it like 0abb42ab12411e60 means "Do more" or "Fight for it" , bdaa373170801476 means "Do your job" or "Go back your task".

The total are  134kinds of stamps, 1169 emoji in a day.

Frequency of use of Serverworks' original stamps

I compared how many standard stamps and original one were used in 1day. Graph below shows that original is used 60% of all. I think Serverworks' original is match the needs and is used well.



About total number of messages of Serverworks' Slack

I visualized how many messages is posted in 1 day below.


About 3000 messsages were posted in 1day. I think handy chat enables to deliver a lot of message in 1day.

Visualization of the time series of messages

Next, I visualized the time series of messages in 1 day. Let's take a look transition of posted messages from 10:00 to 19:00 of Serverworks bisiness hours.


During lunch break, 13:00~14:00, it seems to be less messages. After that, it increases a little bit. Before 17:00, it is getting fewer, but around closing time, it is getting increased.


I visualized activities of Serverworks Slack messages' trend. As you may know, Serverworks uses many SaaS such as Questetra, Trello. Slack trend visualization shows how we work and how we use tool.